Most important factors in an AI flashcard generator

November 10th, 2023

So you want to stop losing all your time making your flashcards and use an AI flashcard generator? It’s a power move to save wasted time and do more smart studying through active recall. Research has shown that active recall practice improves test performance by 50% on average (source).

But what are the important factors to look for in an AI flashcard generator?

  1. ⭐️ Question quality

If the cards are suck, then it doesn't matter how fast they are made.

  1. 💨 Speed

Your goal is to save time right? Well, it’s important to find a flashcard generator that isn’t laggy.

  1. 💬 Feedback

If you can get feedback as you answer the questions it really speeds up your learning process. When you go to answer that question the next time, you’re more likely to get it right, and thereby can go through the same cards less times.

  1. 🙆‍♀️ Flexibility

Can you easily edit the cards, or add images?

  1. 📸 Image occlusion

Do you need to practice learning diagrams? If so then you'll need the tool to be able to do that. Even better if it can offer AI to do this automatically.

Wisdolia nails all three of these factors. It’s got high quality questions, works fast, and is pretty wicked in its ability to give you nuanced feedback telling you exactly what you got right and wrong.

You ready to start saving time and crushing your exams with an ai flashcard generator?