AI quiz maker

How to make quizzes with AI
How to make quizzes with AI

It doesn't matter how many times I've read the slides or my notes over, until I've put myself through the fire of some practice quizzes, I don't feel confident yet for my exam. The problem is my professors rarely give me practice exams, or they don't give me enough. So let's use AI to create some high quality quizzes for us.

  1. First find your lecture slides or notes you want to make an AI quiz with and then upload it to Wisdolia.
  2. It will then spit out multiple choice questions, free response, and case questions.

The variety is great because you'll can expose any areas where you actually don't know as much as you thought we did. As physicist Richard Feynman said, “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”

View of learning resources with multiple choice questions, case questions, and free response questions
  1. If you're feeling confident, click the shuffle all button and answer the questions as best you can
  2. Identify the areas you're weakest on and then focus there

Wisdolia will point out which topics you struggled with vs have deep understanding.

Peformance overview from answering questions

This is a huge perk of doing practice quizzes. You go from having things…

  • I think I know

  • and things I know I don't know

to having much greater certainty of which things I know and which I don't, and thus being able to practice improving the right stuff. (this 2 by 2 chart is orignally called the Rumsfeld Matrix if you're curious!)

  1. Keep leveling up until you can consistently get more than 90% right
  2. Now the only thing left to do is ace your exam and then get an ice cream

Generating practice quizzes with AI is a great way to do active learning and to build up your confidence for your exam.