Ankiweb image occlusion made 10x easier

Ankiweb image occlusion made 10x easier with Wisdolia
Ankiweb image occlusion made 10x easier with Wisdolia

November 10th, 2023

For medical and health related students, ankiweb image occlusion can come in super clutch if you’re trying to learn a diagram. Because ultimately, you don’t just need to understand the concept, but you also need to know where things are visually.

Here's the traditional way to do this in Anki (keep reading for a much easier way to do this):

  1. Go to Tools on the top bar and select Add-ons

  2. Then click “Get Add-ons” on the right hand side

  3. A modal will pop up and ask you to enter a code

  4. Enter: 1374772155

  5. Go and add a new card as you normally would

  6. Press 'Basic' at the top and change the card type to Image Occlusion Enhanced

  7. Click the image icon on the top right

  8. Select 'Change Image'

  9. Add all the labels you need for that image

  10. Repeat for all your images

  11. Click done and start quizzing yourself!

Once you have it up and running it works smooth, but what if you could upload all the pictures at once and have the labels covered for you?

Wisdolia is an absolute academic weapon for this.

  1. Upload a pdf with all your images

  2. Select which images you want to do occlusion for

  3. Click ‘Generate’

  4. And boom you’re done, and all the labels are covered for you

And if you need to move things around it’s easy to adjust, add, or delete the label covers.

Ankiweb image occlusion is great, but image occlusion in Wisdolia is over-powered.