From pdf to flashcards in seconds

What if you could use AI to turn your pdf to flashcards instantly?

PDF are a lowkey underrated. So much of your classwork and knowledge ends up as a pdf:

  • Slide decks

  • Study guides

  • Research papers

  • Notes

Let me show you how with Wisdolia you can make AI generated flashcards from your pdf’s so you can spend less time making your study materials, and more time actually studying.

  1. Get your pdf, lol. It can be any type of knowledge as long as it’s a PDF.

  2. Click upload

  3. Choose how many flashcards you want

  4. Choose if there are any diagrams in the pdf that you want to be quizzed on with image occlusion

  5. And wham! You have your questions

Now you can enter a positive learning loop until you have a full understanding. What this means is that you:

  1. Write out your answers to test your understanding

  2. Get feedback to identify what you don’t understand

  3. Try again and implement what you learned

Psychologist, Anders Ericsson’s research, on deliberate practice shows the profound effects of taking action and learning from those actions. He also shows how much growth can stagnate if you take action without learning from it. One example he references in a 2005 study he did is how tennis players who played consistently for 20 years did not improve after their initial phase of beginner tennis:

“For example, if someone misses a backhand volley during a tennis game, there may be a long time before the same person gets another chance at that same type of shot. When the chance finally comes, they are not prepared… In contrast, a tennis coach can give tennis players repeated opportunities to hit backhand volleys that are progressively more challenging and eventually integrated into representative match play.”

Practicing the right thing and getting feedback on it, is the way to continual growth in sport and in learning.

Going from pdf to flashcards in seconds can let you spend more time on the right form of practice. And Wisdolia’s feedback system can make sure you’re always improving. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!