Practice test maker to strengthen your study skills

Make practice tests in seconds
Make practice tests in seconds

Nothing beats the effectiveness of studying with practice tests. But what do you do when your teachers don't provide enough—or any—practice tests?

Wisdolia can create online tests for you in just a few seconds just by uploading a piece of your course material. Here’s how you can take advantage of Wisdolia’s online test maker to 10x your studying.

Just upload your lecture slides or notes to create practice test questions

1. Upload your lecture slides, notes, textbook chapter, or even a YouTube video to Wisdolia

Picture of where to upload your lecture slides to make the practice test

2. Get a variety of test questions made instantly (multiple choice, short answer questions, case studies, essay questions)

Variety of question types

3. Answer the questions and receive real-time feedback to let you know what you got wrong and why

4. Track progress of how well you do across the different topics that make up your document

It's only worth it to create tests from AI if the questions are good. So how quality are the questions?

Making high quality online tests and questions is our top priority. Here’s what some of the students and practice test takers on Wisdolia have to say about the quality…

Real-Time test results, instant feedback, and analysis

When you take your own quiz on Wisdolia, you receive immediate insight into your performance, making it a truly interactive learning experience.

For multiple choice you get 4 answer choices and if you select any of the wrong answers, you'll get concise feedback telling why it's not that, but instead the other correct answer.

A partially correct answer for a free response question will be recognized.

When you get an individual question wrong, you'll see a deeper dive into that mistake.

Use multiple choice to build momentum and then conquer harder question types as you deepen your understanding

Multiple choice questions are great for getting in a bunch of repetitions and building your confidence, but as a test taker you have to be ready for anything. When you are able to confidently write in your answers on practice exams, then you'll be much more prepared no matter what tricks the professor pulls.

We add multiple question types on Wisdolia to make sure you have practiced the material from all angles. My favorite are the case questions it makes because it's always a pain to find relevant case questions to practice with.

Case scenario story and question

Even practice on visual and image based questions!

It's super easy to add images to your practice exam. Simply hit 'Upload images' and put in any picture or diagram that you know you need to have mastered for the exam and it will cover the labels for you and test you on it — image occlusion style.

Covering the labels on a drawing

An online test maker with multiple choice, free response, case questions, and images is pretty hard to beat. …Or you could just re-read your notes again and hope the exam goes well.

Limits or No limits

Create up to 10 practice tests per month on the free plan, and unlimited tests on the premium plan.

Being an A level studyer has never been this easy. Make exams szn a little less scary

Wisdolia as a quiz maker is a a gateway to effective and engaging learning. It's the test maker that gives you feedback on your answers as you go. You can even upload the site for any online courses you're taking to take it from a passive to an active quiz experience.

Ready to transform your study habits? Sign up for Wisdolia today and start creating your custom practice tests in seconds. Don't just study—study smarter with Wisdolia.