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Notes to flashcards
Notes to flashcards

Re-reading over your notes again and again can get tiring. And you start to wonder if any of the info is actually sticking in your brain. But if you could just turn your notes into flashcards with AI, you’d have a more effective study practice without having to waste so much time making the flashcards yourself.

Here is how you can generate flashcards from your class notes in seconds

  1. Get your notes file (Google Doc, PDF, Word). Hint if your notes are written, just take a picture and add it to a Google Doc.
  2. Upload the file or paste the link on Wisdolia
  1. Now just wait… Just kidding, they should be ready by now
  2. You now have a learning journey with tons of flashcards and multiple choice questions
  3. As you answer the flashcards, you will get personalized feedback telling you what you got wrong and why
  4. Each day you’ll get a daily review using spaced repetition to help you consistently practice what’s most important

Writing notes helps me to pay attention in class. But it’s kind of hard to actually use the notes to study for the exams. 

When you convert your notes into flashcards using Wisdolia you can practice active recall, which is when you get asked a question and have to use your own brain to think of the answer.

Flashcards are only good if the questions are good. So are the questions any good if they come from AI generated flashcards?

Making high quality flashcards and questions is our top priority. Here’s what some of the students on Wisdolia have to say about the quality…

If you use your notes to create flashcards with AI (as long as they're good) it leaves more time to practice spaced repetition

You forget stuff over time. That's natural. But when we study the material again, we restore the knowledge and slow down the forgetting curve for next time. This re-studying process is called spaced repetition is where you re-study something over varying time periods to make it way stickier in your brain in the long term. It turns out that studying topic A three 30 minutes study session is better than studying it for 90 minutes once. When you combine that type of distributed practice with the active recall that happens using flashcards you end up with super effective study routine.

Wisdolia has a spaced repetition system to give you a daily review session designed to combat that forgetting curve for the flashcards that are the biggest priority to study next.

More than just AI flashcards. Get multiple choice questions too

Not only can you generate flashcards faster when you upload your notes or study materials to Wisdolia, but to support different study modes it will also make practice tests for you in the form of MCQ and case questions. Better than Quizlet free learn mode, Wisdolia's learning journeys will help you…

  1. Build momentum and confidence with multi choice questions

  2. Solidify your understanding with free response flashcards

  3. Prove your mastery with case scenario questions to apply your knowledge

You can generate flashcards completely free on Wisdolia, because we want to make super effective learning accessible for everyone. If you want unlimited flashcards with 3x more per generation, then we have affordable paid plans as well.

Forgot to take notes? 😉

Just find lecture videos covering the topic on YouTube and you can paste the link into Wisdolia's flashcard generator to get your fill of quality flashcards and practice tests made for you.

Most students on Wisdolia upload their notetaking, lecture slides, study guides, or pdfs after class and do a quick 20 minute review session of the flashcards it makes. With just a little effort they feel way less surprised or scared when the next pop quiz or test comes up.

Other ways to leverage AI to spice up your study game: