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quiz questions

I always get annoyed when my professors don’t provide practice tests for us to study with. When I do have enough practice tests I feel like I have a very clear way to study and get better. When I don’t I just end up re-reading my lecture slides and notes and thinking I know.

Here is how you can make own quiz to test your knowledge with with when your teachers don’t give you enough study material:

1. Get your lecture slides or notes

2. Upload them here to Wisdolia's online quiz creator for free

3. In a few seconds you will have an interactive quiz with tons of…

  • multiple choice questions

  • free response questions

  • Case scenario questions

4. If you answer the questions incorrectly, it will tell you why your specific answer was wrong

5. When you’re done, see an evaluation of which topics you nailed and which you still need to study more

An online quiz maker using AI is only good if the questions are good. So do the questions suck?

Making high quality online quizzes and questions is our top priority. Here’s what some of the students on Wisdolia have to say about the quiz maker quality…

Online quizzes are best when they make it really clear what you know vs what you still need to study

When you take your own quiz on Wisdolia, you will get a real-time view into your performance. This is what takes it from basic to a really engaging learning experience.

When you get a multiple choice question wrong, you'll see brief feedback telling you why it's not the answer you chose, but actually the other one.

A partially correct answer for a free response question will be recognized.

When you get an individual question wrong, you'll see a deeper dive into that mistake.

Storytelling and analogies when you're confused to make it a fun quiz

After you complete a section, Wisdolia will analyze your progress to show which topics you understood well and which you struggled with.

Then it will make analogies for you on the skills you struggled with to help you better understand the bigger picture and ya know, make learning fun.

The crazy thing about Wisdolia's free quiz maker is that you can chat directly with the quiz when you are confused

Imagine you're taking a practice quiz and you don't know the definition of some term you see or let's say you already responded and got feedback, but you're still confused. What do you do? Google it? ChatGPT it?

Well, here you can talk directly to the document you uploaded such as your lecture slides. With the help of AI it will clear up any questions or ideas you have so you can continue with the quiz.

Will the practice quiz actually cover all the topics I need it to?

Yes, Wisdolia's website goes page-by-page making it's questions and answers to make sure all the relevant knowledge is extensively covered and all of the unneeded info for questions like the references or publisher are avoided.

Want the free quiz maker to give you questions on images and pictures?

Select which diagrams, drawings, or tables you want to use and then Wisdolia will cover the labels and create a quiz for you with questions on what's underneath.

The best online quiz maker if you want to save time and practice with good questions

Create online quizzes in seconds, not hours from any class material you have. The quiz template will guide you from easy questions (multiple choice) to hard questions (free response case questions) as you progress.

Once you've completed it, challenge your friends to see if they can beat your scores for how much Deep Understanding topics they get.

What are ya waiting for? Get your practice quiz for free in the next minute —> Wisdolia